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Sedentary job and busy lifestyle

A sedentary job and busy lifestyle meant that I gained weight and the healthy activities I used to enjoy went by the wayside. Without any conscious decision on my part, my diet and exercise routine had stopped being a priority, my husband had fallen into the same pattern and there never seemed to be time to sort it out. I asked Anne-Marie to help us lose weight and plan our way ahead.

Anne-Marie worked with both my husband and I on an individual level and then together at times. I’m a vegetarian and I love being active, fit and strong. When I completed my food diary, Anne-Marie reviewed my nutrition. I wasn’t eating enough of the right foods and as a result my motivation and energy, to do the things I love, was low.

Anne-Marie’s way of working was like having a transformation coach check in regularly. It was an incredibly positive experience. I changed my diet, it wasn’t difficult. My energy increased, I started running and cycling again. I lost the weight, we both did but better than that was the mind-set change that happened in the house. The energy, support and motivation increased. I have the tools to continue to work on personal goals. I can take the time and space that I need. When there’s a busy week, I can acknowledge that and re-boot soon after. I know now that I can do it and that when I’m living my values, exercising with friends and family, having fun, eating well, catching the negative thinking – that I am happier and living my best life. Making the appointment and just following the plan was the best thing we did this year. I’m so grateful that I got the support I needed to make my own health and happiness a priority




Living a Life of Wellness

My goal is to improve my lifestyle and rediscover me as a person again by living a life of
wellness. AnnMarie, you have given me the courage to do just that and provided me with an
original toolkit to support me on my journey. The changes I have implemented in my life
would not have transpired without your expertise along with your continued support, for that
I am and always will be truly grateful. You are so compassionate, so genuine, non-
judgemental, and I believe these are qualities that make you such an amazing life coach.
Thank you so much for believing in me and empowering me with the confidence to attain
greater fulfilment in both my personal and professional life

Cathy L

Tackle my weight problem

I’ve tried so often, over the years, to tackle my weight problem and always got so far and then lost the will or the energy to continue. Working with Anne Marie was totally different. Firstly, there was her personality – positive; informed; encouraging and with a great sense of humour (always a good thing). Secondly, there were no false promises and no quick fix options- everything was laid out on a timeline and I found the combination of learning the how and the why from Anne Marie, coupled with her support and enthusiasm and understanding of human nature, made things seem possible. Thirdly, there was the facility to check in, to ask questions, to say what was and wasn’t working and to find things could be adjusted. Anne Marie’s combination of personal interest and support, the feeling that I was working one to one with someone differed completely from my previous experiences in groups.

I always felt she knew where we were headed, how we’d get there and, most importantly, how to get me onto a road that was sustainable – that was such a bonus for me, knowing this wasn’t a quick-fix but, rather, a change in the way I live and use food. And it’s still working thanks to her support. From the word go, I felt she actually cared about what she was doing and she was as determined as I was to get things right.


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