Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition plays a vital role in overall, health & wellbeing, performance and in particular your mood and attitude.

Nutrition Coaching

At Amella we believe that you are what you eat. Nutrition plays a vital role in overall, health and wellbeing and in particular your mood, maintaining a healthy weight and optimal energy. We also have a great interest in nutrition and performance. We understand that nutrition is a very complex subject and we work with our clients to simplify, educate and sustain healthy living through nutrition. Our nutrition programmes are tailored for each client, however education is the key and common factor to long term results which can be passed on to the whole family.

What's Involved

Free initial consultation- no obligations On choosing to move forward: 1. An individual nutritional programme will be designed for you 2. You will be educated and coached in the areas of nutrition requirements identified in consultation 3. We will have regular information sessions & evaluation of progress 4. On average we would do 5 sessions together depending on goals


Performance athletes, Weight loss clients, Muscle gain clients, Hormonal nutrition, Special requirement diets , Family nutrition

What results can i expect?

Long term self-sustaining results The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well. – John D. Rockefeller

Coaching takes place

In our office, Online, In your home, In the workplace

How much does it cost

We offer a results driven tailored made programme to meet the individual needs of each client ensuring

SOme of the topics we work on

If some or all of the topics mentioned below describe you or your organisation Nutrition Coaching is an ideal solution for you.
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